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Business Department

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Commercial Litigation Unit: A Step Towards Protecting Your Business Interests and Success

In today’s dynamic business world, legal challenges are inevitable. These challenges can range from misinterpretation of contracts to intellectual property issues and complex bankruptcy cases. In such circumstances, relying on the specialized services of a commercial litigation unit plays a vital role in resolving these issues and protecting the company’s interests.

Benefits of establishing and utilizing a commercial litigation unit

  1. Protection of the company’s rights and interests:
  • Defending the company’s rights against third parties, competitors, and in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Ensuring the protection of the company’s interests in transactions and contracts

  1. Specialized dispute resolution:
  • Providing creative solutions for resolving disputes through negotiation, arbitration, and judicial channels
  • Saving time and costs in dispute resolution

  1. Prevention of legal problems:
  • Identifying and managing potential legal risks
  • Preventing serious legal challenges in the future

  1. Increasing trust and confidence in transactions:
  • Entering into contracts and conducting commercial transactions with greater confidence
  • Reducing the likelihood of disputes in transactions

  1. Focus on core activities:
  • Allowing managers and employees to focus on their core tasks
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
Gersha Legal Group, with its specialized services in the following areas, will be your supporter on the path to success:
  • Commercial contracts: termination, claims for damages, enforcement of obligations, and other claims
  • Commercial companies: dissolution, annulment of decisions, shareholder disputes, etc.
  • Commercial instruments: checks, promissory notes, bills of exchange, and related claims
  • Intellectual property: registration of inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, and legal prosecution
  • Bankruptcy: filing for bankruptcy, handling bankruptcy matters, defending creditors
  • Commercial litigation: resolving contractual disputes, protecting intellectual property, bankruptcy matters
  • Corporate law: formation, mergers, ownership, compliance, and strategic guidance
Our comprehensive services for solving your business legal problems
  • Specialized legal advice: receiving accurate solutions and case analysis by experienced lawyers
  • Drafting professional legal documents: writing petitions, statements of defense, appeals, etc.
  • Powerful representation in court: defending your rights in judicial and arbitration tribunals
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration negotiations: efforts to resolve the case out of court
  • Strategic advice: preventive guidance and legal risk analysis
  • Expert representation: strong defense in courts, arbitration, and negotiations
  • Customized solutions: personalized legal approaches to achieve your specific goals
Common business problems we solve
  • Non-payment of debts by customers or partners
  • Breach of contracts critical to the business
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights (misuse of brand, invention, etc.)
  • Internal disputes between shareholders or partners
  • Complex bankruptcy and debt issues
Why choose our commercial lawyers
  • Expertise and experience: our experienced lawyers focus on resolving legal problems for businesses
  • Increase your chances of success: 80% success rate in commercial cases
  • Save time and money: professional follow-up prevents wasting time and additional costs
  • Reduce stress and peace of mind: focus on other matters with peace of mind

Business Department

The team of experienced lawyers of Gersha Legal Group is ready to serve you.
You can contact our experts right now to receive advice.

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