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Commercial Services of Garsha Law Group

On this page, you can see Garsha’s commercial services. In order to get more details please refer to “more information” pages.

دپارتمان پولی بانکی گروه حقوقی گرشا

Banks and Finance

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دپارتمان فرهنگ و رسانه گروه حقوقی گرشا

Culture and Media

The changes and transformations of today’s world, followed by the large volume of economic transactions, as well as the formulation of various laws and numerous monetary and banking regulations, have created various legal complications for persons active in this field.

دپارتمان EPC گروه حقوقی گرشا

Engineering and Construction Contract Services

Construction and infrastructure projects are often done in the form of a contract between the contractor and the employer. In contracting contracts, although the contractor and the employer are the main parties, the parties involved in a contracting project are often not limited to these two.

دپارتمان واردات کالا و خدمات گروه حقوقی گرشا

Import of Goods and Services Department

In recent years, due to the expansion of international interactions, the need to manage these business relations at the international level is felt more than ever. These interactions have made people and companies more willing to invest and carry out economic activities in other countries.

دپارتمان مالکیت فکری و علائم تجاری

Intellectual Property and Trademarks Department

Intellectual property refers to mental innovations and achievements and includes areas such as inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs used in business. Intellectual property rights, due to its dynamic nature and its close relationship with globalization and commerce, are considered one of the most evolving legal fields in the current era.

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