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Garsha Law Group Litigation Services

On this page, you can see Garsha’s litigation services. In order to get more details please refer to “more information” pages.

دپارتمان مالکیت فکری و علائم تجاری

Intellectual Property and Trademarks Department

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are a set of legal rights that protect your inventions, creations, and creative works in various fields, including scientific, industrial, literary, and artistic. These rights focus on “intangible property” and create a right for the owners of ideas and creativity that can be legally protected through official registration.

دپارتمان کیفری

Criminal Litigation

According to the article 34 of the constitution, litigation is the inalienable right of every person and anyone can refer to the competent courts for the purpose of litigation. Therefore, people can go to the courts to establish their rights and file a lawsuit or defend the lawsuits brought against them.
دپارتمان دعاوی دولتی گروه حقوقی گرشا

Governmental Litigation Department

The main lawsuits of natural and legal persons regarding the decisions and actions of government agencies and departments in Iran’s legal system are divided into the following groups.

دعاوی ثبتی و شهرداری

Registration Litigation and Municipality Department

The world of real estate and interacting with municipalities can be a labyrinth of specialized laws and regulations. This complexity can lead to various legal disputes. Registration and municipal disputes refer to legal disagreements that arise during different stages of property registration, deeds, or the enforcement of official enforceable documents. These disputes can range from objections to registered ownership, errors in documents, to disagreements over property transfer, division (partition), or separation. Additionally, any legal action filed against or in defense of municipalities, their affiliated commissions, and companies under their management falls under the category of municipal disputes.

دپارتمان پولی بانکی گروه حقوقی گرشا


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Family Litigation

The family, as the most important pillar of any society, is the foundation of the mental, intellectual, and social health of individuals. Unfortunately, the Variety of legal issues related to the institution of the family and the changing judicial procedures have created many challenges for people involved in family disputes. In recent years, especially with the passage of the Family Protection Law in 1391, changes have been made in issues such as child custody, registration of temporary marriage, and alimony. Awareness of these complex laws and procedures is more necessary than ever to defend your rights and prevent potential problems.


Lands and Real
Estate Department

Today, real estate and land has become one of the methods of investment among people. Real estate and land claim is considered a claim presented in the judicial authorities, the subject of which, or at least the origin of the claim and case, is “property”. That is why a large number of cases in the courts are categorized as property-litigation claims.

دپارتمان EPC گروه حقوقی گرشا


The construction industry is one of the industries that most people in the society are somehow related to, and this connection has caused the rapid development of this industry. This has caused the formation of legal issues related to construction.

دپارتمان پولی بانکی گروه حقوقی گرشا


In today’s dynamic business world, legal challenges are inevitable. These challenges can range from misinterpretation of contracts to intellectual property issues and complex bankruptcy cases. In such circumstances, relying on the specialized services of a commercial litigation unit plays a vital role in resolving these issues and protecting the company’s interests.

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