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Lands and Real Estate Department

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In today’s turbulent and volatile economic climate, preserving and growing wealth has become a major concern for many individuals. In this context, real estate and land investment has emerged as a popular and effective method for wealth preservation.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate and Land

  • Portfolio Diversification: Real estate and land investment adds valuable diversification to your investment portfolio. This diversification helps reduce overall investment risk and brings greater stability.
  • Income Generation: Real estate and land can be a steady source of income generation. Renting out property is one of the most common ways to earn income from this type of investment.
  • Long-Term Growth Potential: The value of real estate and land tends to increase steadily over the long term. This offers significant potential for returns for investors in this sector.
  • Additional Benefits: Owning your own property can bring additional benefits, such as a sense of security and peace of mind.

Challenges of Investing in Real Estate and Land

Similar to any other type of investment, real estate and land investment also comes with its own challenges and risks. Some of these challenges include:

  • High Initial Investment: Purchasing real estate or land requires a significant upfront investment.
  • Low Liquidity: Real estate and land are illiquid assets, meaning they cannot be quickly converted into cash.
  • Market Fluctuations: The value of real estate and land can be affected by fluctuations in the housing market.
  • Legal Complexities: The laws and regulations governing real estate and land can be complex and sometimes contradictory.

Most Common Real Estate and Land Disputes

  • Ownership Disputes:
    • Claim of Ownership
    • Eviction Lawsuit
    • Unlawful Possession Lawsuit
  • Contract Disputes:
    • Lawsuit to Compel Issuance of Official Deed
    • Contract Termination Lawsuit
    • Claim for Damages
  • Inheritance Disputes:
    • Partition of Estate Lawsuit
    • Will Invalidation Lawsuit
    • Heir Recognition Lawsuit
  • Land-Specific Disputes:
    • National Land Dispute
    • Land Type and Development Determination Lawsuit
    • Boundary Dispute Lawsuit

Role of a Real Estate Lawyer

Due to the complexities and challenges associated with real estate and land laws, including numerous regulations and specific laws related to disputes, and considering the importance of property for people’s livelihoods, pursuing legal action and resolving these issues requires an experienced and specialized legal team. This team should have a thorough understanding of all relevant laws and commissions and possess a deep knowledge of the proper sequence for addressing these matters in the appropriate legal bodies.

A real estate lawyer can provide the following services:

    • Selecting the Best Investment Approach: A real estate lawyer can assess your specific circumstances and goals and recommend the most suitable investment strategy for you in the real estate and land sector.
    • Real Estate Transactions: A real estate lawyer can assist you with property transactions and drafting related contracts, helping to prevent future legal issues.
    • Legal Defense in Court: If any legal disputes or disagreements arise, a real estate lawyer will defend your rights in court or arbitration proceedings.

Lands and Real Estate Services

The team of experienced lawyers of Gersha Legal Group is ready to serve you.
You can contact our experts right now to receive advice.

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